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Sponsorship money will be used to cover costs associated to all football equipment, uniforms, professional coaches & trainers, facility usage & rentals, league fees, tournament fees & travel costs/stays. We are a nationally ranked football program and one of the top 3 in Texas. We have athletes with tons of engagement on social media and some of them are also verified on Instagram with over 200k followers. Our coaching staff is made up of Ex NFL players and NFL trainers.
Tailgate Sponsor
Price: $2000.00
• Company logo/image included on our Instagram page as a post for each season that is sponsored by company • Company logo/image included on general sponsorship backdrop banner present on game days • 1 shout out or collaboration on our Instagram page as a Reel Video • Company added to our LinkTree
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Touchdown Sponsor
Price: $5000.00
• Tailgate Sponsor benefits • Logo of company to be place on edge banner on the tent top and side runner banners • 1 additional Reel Video collab on Instagram
- +
Stadium Sponsor
Price: $10000.00
• Tailgate & Touchdown Sponsor benefits • Company logo will be one of the larger main logos on the backdrop banner on tent. • Company logo added to Feather Flags attached to tent & table cover • 2-3 additional Reel Video collabs on Instagram page • Logo added to vehicle wrap on company truck • Company logo added to all event marketing material
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